Don’t overstretch yourself with pay day loans

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Cash loans online are great if you are facing a family emergency, late bill payments or even a car breakdown. Pay day loans are normally due for repayment on your next payday or within 2 weeks of the date on which you received the loan. The interest rate that you were charged on the loan will then be added to the loan amount in order to determine the gross total that you owe the payday lender company. There are 2 ways in which the borrower may pay the lender company back:

Avoid rolling over your pay day loan

lightbulbIn order to avoid incurring high fees in the form of interest rates, avoid rolling over the payback amount until your next payday or further extending the loan period. If for any reason you fail to repay the full amount of your payday loan, your case will be referred to the Payday Lender’s Collections Department (PLCD). You will thereafter receive constant reminders from the PLCD about your outstanding loan amount.

Although many payday loan defaulters have complained of the rather “aggressive” loan collection methods of the PLCD, this department cannot be faulted entirely. After all, they are dealing with high risk clientèle. Keep in mind that in the first place, they did provide you with an instant cash loan, without taking into account whether your credit history was good or bad.

Make sure you repay it as agreed

Because it is so critical to repay your same day payday loans on time, these are generally not recommended for long term financial management of persons with money issues. This is mainly because such loans carry a much higher interest rate than your typical long term loans.

In order to avoid the problems that come with repaying cash loans online, the rule of thumb is to only borrow a loan amount that is within the amount that you can afford to pay back with your next pay cheque. The last thing you want is to land in trouble with the loan collection agencies or negatively impact your credit ratings which could lead to your losing your bank account.

So remember, in order to keep your gross payable loan amount at an affordable figure, be sure to make your repayments when due. Avoid any delays as this is what would cause a lender to increase the interest, thereby driving up the gross total payday loan amount.


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