I desperately need a loan help

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When people desperately need some money to cover budget gaps within their two pay-days, they now find Payday Loans are one of the best ways to solve such problems. The budgetary gaps will be for a car repair, overdue bills, medical bills, insurance premiums, overdue mortgage instalments and many other similar situations. All these problems have a habit to arise in the middle of month when there is no money in hand. People need reliable sources to borrow some money to cover these problems and instant payday loans lending companies or services are ready to assist in their needs day or night.

They are high-tech professional lending companies. Unlike lenders in the past, these companies use high standards, manners and techniques when dealing with their borrowers. Mostly a few persons are rejected when they apply for a loan, since they provide personal attention and care with every application they receive. Even for bankrupt people, bad credit individuals, mortgage negotiators etc, are all considered favourably for granting of same day loans.

Simple application

The application format is one document to understand how conveniently emergency cash loans providers arrange their service for borrowers. It has very simple questions only to gain important details. A loan applicant can fill an application within two minutes and submit without any documentation to support it. As a rule, lenders require borrowers to furnish their names, employment details, income, contact details, addresses, bank account details, country and town. Of course the amount needed as the loan is also needed.

Once the application form has been submitted, it will be taken care of by the lending companies’ highly professional staff and their sophisticated software technologies. Within minutes, the applicant will be informed whether he or she is approved for a quick cash loan. If he or she is approved, the money will be transferred on the same day to the relevant account or within 24 hours. The details of the money transfer will be informed to the applicants by an email or over the phone.


In general, repayment has to be done after 14 days or a month. It will be repaid with the additional fee or interest. Most lending services do not charge additional or hidden fees. The interest is about 25 pounds for every 100 pounds. If a borrower repays his loan on the due date without delays, he will be considered as a priority for future granting of loans with a higher limit than the first one. However, if a person has difficulties in repaying the borrowed money on the due date, he can discuss the matter with the lender and have it rearranged for another settlement date.

UK citizen point of view

I am a young person who is a permanent employee in a UK firm. When I need payday loans I always try to find cash in the most convenient manner. Of course, I will check what the consequences of such borrowings are as well. When I borrow from my close friends and relatives, I am very careful to return the money in time and I am always very embarrassed when I have to borrow from them. If they say, “No I am very sorry,” I am sorry for them more than they are for me, because I have put them in a very embarrassing situation.

Any way, until a few months back, it was the best way for me to have instant payday loans when I need cash for sudden urgent financial requirements. I get some kind of urgent financial needs every month, and I have no money in hand to face it. This invariably happens between two paydays. I think it is normal because most of my friends are also in similar situations. The problems come in various forms and occur at various times requiring cash to solve them.

However, in last year it was very difficult to find money from friends and relatives because they were in financially strained as well due to the financial crisis affecting people all over the World. Even banks were reluctant to lend money and most banks were closed. Many others changed their rules and regulations when lending monies. Then, one day, I went to a pawnbroker and asked him to lend me 1000 pounds to repair my vehicle, which had some minor problem. He refused to lend me the money unless I had some valuable asset to pawn against the money. I left my ring with him and received the money. Until last month, I was paying him interest of about 30 pound a month as I was never able to pay back the loan and redeem the ring.

“If a person as free as me can face such hardships due to financial requirements during two pay-days, how severe could it be for families to bear?”

I do not borrow money from friends and relatives. When I am faced with an urgent problem and need money I switch on my laptop and fill an online application form for a pay cheque advance, from a reputable company I have known for the last six months. I have borrowed money from them frequently to solve my financial problems. No sooner I apply they have transferred money to my account since they know I am a reliable customer through my dealings with them and repaying on time. Like me, about 2/3rd of permanent employees in the UK have built good relationships with one or another reputable payday loans online company. It is standard now and the fastest way to receive money for our financial problems.


Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to