Can I get loans with ccj’s and defaults?

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The fear of worsening one’s credit history is the reason most people with bad credit may be looking elsewhere than taking another loan. The issue with a borrower’s credit history plays a huge role in determining who gets what in the world of traditional loans. But it is evident that you can have cash loans even with bad credit. Then, what about the impact in the event that a borrower defaults in loan repayment? Even when it seems impossible for one to default in loan repayment, since one’s monthly pay is taken into account before loan is approved, the presence of unplanned emergency expenses can never be ruled out.

“Note that with some payday loans, there is not the presence of credit checks, so the credit score of a borrower will be un-revealed during credit inquiries by a credit agency. This is actually a plus for cash loans.”

Unlike traditional loans one can obtain from banks, all you are required of by a instant loans company is to fill an online form made available to borrowers by the lending company. There is no requirement on the borrower to provide any form of credit history to ascertain his credit worthiness. The online form is simple to fill and you need not fax any document to your lender. The online form provides a column where borrowers are required to fill in their bank account detail and their pay per month. The information regarding borrower’s bank details and employment history is to help work out how much the borrower can be allowed to get, which actually depends on how much he gets as salary from his full time job. The reason is that, since the no fax loan is a short term loan (due for repayment after 31 days), you are not expected to take more than your salary can repay; considering both the principal and the interest rate charged on every penny borrowed.

Payday advances can actually be of help to people with bad credit than a problem, since it is not attached to any credit history issues concerned with an intending borrower.

I have read a few articles about payday loans in which some examples of people who had to pay the money they had borrowed plus a considerable fee. In other words, they said that it’s not such a good idea to apply for payday loans online. There are many things like this written on the internet, in which the fact that more and more people are choosing to transmit guaranteed payday loans in a negative view, because of those who could not pay their debts on time.

I think that the way of understanding these kinds of situations could be reconsidered. Reviewing the facts – the way we must understand that clients are informed from the very beginning about the costs of their transaction. After all, it is in the borrower`s own interest to ask details about all the risks of a payday loan and eventually to make the decision on whether to apply for it.

I have said it before: the client is the one who decides on the costs of his loan fees. As sooner the money he borrowed is repaid, the smaller the fee`s cost will be.

It is important to see in payday advances as an opportunity for people who need it, because this is its main purpose: to give a helping hand to those who ask for it. Without any intention of saying that there are no disadvantages, or no risks in borrowing money, I keep on seeing that this type of loan product is being more and more used by people in the UK.

The statistical numbers that show us that there are lots more people taking out payday loans every year, confirm that there are more and more satisfied clients every year. Because I have always thought that this is the best way to promote anything – providing quality services. One happy client will bring you another two clients and so on.

So if there are more people every year that choose to take out a cash advance online, this could mean that the money issues are increasing year by year (an undeniable fact) and that payday services are getting better and there are more satisfied clients than the year before.

Instant payday prognosis

As for the opposite side (because it is impossible to keep everyone happy), the large amount of money that is charged in interest could be considered a lesson about responsibility. One must not ask for more than he can give.

But, after all, we are all human and we all know very well our typical habits. Almost all the time we want more than we have, that`s why we can`t blame others for feeling the same way too. Even though, if you have big debts, you have to admit that it is your fault and resolve your problem, without trying in any way to blame those who have tried to help you from the very beginning.

So, in order to avoid those kinds of situations, we specifically mention that guaranteed payday loans are for responsible people only; for those who know exactly what a loan means and who are willing to respect the conditions.

We all have money issues, we all want things that we can`t afford, sometimes with an illogical stubbornness. Then is when we are searching for other types of solutions. Eventually we don`t have the right to ask the reason for others` loans. Our job is only to keep the clients satisfied. That`s why we create a relationship based first of all on trust and communication and I am sure enough that we have done a good job so far.

If we should create a profile of those who are planning to take out an online payday loan, there will be lots of possibilities. First of all he or she would be in need of money. I guess we all are in that kind of situation pretty often. Then, it should be an independent person who won`t ask their friends or family for money (that, or maybe because they wouldn`t have received it anyway). Also, it should be a calculated person who knows exactly how much he or she affords to borrow and when the money will be returned.

Otherwise, there could be inconveniences, however, there are always exceptions that make the rules even stronger.


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